PostScript bugs in R-0.63.1

Peter Dalgaard BSA
01 Feb 1999 18:26:22 +0100

Ben Bolker <> writes:

>   A meta-question: should I submit this to the bug-tracking system 1) in
> addition 2) instead of sending to R-devel?  It seems the bug-tracking
> system isn't heavily used, and that its value is proportional to how much
> it's used (otherwise you just have to search the R-devel and R-help
> archives).

Well, the difference between R-bugs and R-devel is that bugs are
remembered if entered into the former. Bugs on the mailing lists tend
to get "now-or-never" service.

Noone is going through months of mailing list traffic to check whether
all reported problems have been fixed. I try to make mental notes of
what I see, but my DRAM chips seems to need frequent refresh. I'm sure
many of the others feel likewise. I do, however, take an occasional
stroll through the bug repository and check for fixed bugs, sort the
incoming ones, and sometimes also make a stab at analysing/fixing some
of them.

I'm currently looking at the R-bugs interface to see if it would be
possible to redirect all traffic on R-bugs through R-devel (except
"private" messages, which go to the core team only, of course). It's a
little sticky, because it requires changes to the Jitterbug sources,
but it doesn't look hopeless at all.

That way, there would be no excuse for not using R-bugs, and R-devel
may turn into a somewhat more constructive[*] forum than it is at the
moment. The function has also been substantially improved
for 0.63.3, BTW.

[*] I know, everyone in here is doing their best to chip in to the R
development. The problem is rather the opposite: discussions tending
to remain within the core team.

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