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Ben Bolker ben@eno.Princeton.EDU
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 09:29:34 -0500 (EST)

  I'm sorry, I didn't know that fix() existed.  That's what I wanted, the
"pedit" function I gave was an attempt to do the same thing.  And yes, it
is there in the "See Also" section of the help on edit().  Perhaps we
could add a sentence to the documentation of edit:

*** edit.Rd.orig        Wed Feb 10 09:26:03 1999
--- edit.Rd     Wed Feb 10 09:26:59 1999
*** 29,34 ****
--- 29,35 ----
  Instead, a copy of name is made and it is that copy which is changed.
  Should you want the changes to apply to the object \code{name}
  you must assign the result of \code{edit} to \code{name}.
+ (Try \code{fix} if you want to make permanent changes to an object.)
  In the form \code{edit(name)},
  \code{edit} deparses \code{name} into a temporary file and invokes the

  I *don't* claim to understand the ins and outs of parsing, deparsing,
etc. in R, but the pedit() function seemed to do what I wanted (although
probably not as generally or as robustly as fix()).

  Thanks for the info.

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