Intro notes (1st pass, not for general circ.)

Peter Dalgaard BSA
13 Jan 1999 16:15:00 +0100

I've just gotten through translating my notes for the course in basic
statistics for health researchers. I've placed a copy on

This is essentially a translation of the Danish notes that I wrote
during the Autumn of 1997 for use with Rsept, i.e. roughly R v.50.
They lean heavily on the textbook, Altman: Practical Statistics for
Medical Research. Chapman and Hall, 1991.

For now, this is mainly for information purposes and not for further
redistribution. I haven't yet investigated the possibilities of
getting it published as a real book (ISBN, y'know), so I wouldn't know
what the copyright implications would be. Also, and maybe more
importantly, I haven't yet asked anyone for permission to use their
data in a publication of any sort. I wouldn't expect any problems in
that area (there is no direct reproduction), but one cannot be too

In their present state, the notes are full of errors; typos, language
and otherwise. I know that and I'm not particularly interested in
being told about them at the present stage, since I'll be going over
the entire stack with a red pencil anyway. General comments and
constructive criticism are welcome, though. 

A couple of important things have changed in the later versions of R,
and I'll be upgrading the student machines to the Win32 version of
0.63.1 (or .2, depending on availability), so the notes are actually
already out of date (the predict() examples are particularly bad).
[Slightly weird feeling to translate stuff you know is wrong, but I
needed to have the work processes separate, and also to have a common
base in Danish and English in order to maintain future parallel

The current version (in both languages) also suffers from a haphazard
reversion of the anova and regression analysis sections [caused by
teacher scheduling problems in the Spring98 semester], which is not
really pedagogically sound and introduced a couple of sequencing
errors in the examples -- values geting used before they were
computed... I'll be putting them back in proper order.

I plan to make a proper R package "Rx" out of the extension functions
and example/exercise data. A preliminary version (functions and docs
only) is in

The data sets are in*.txt

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