Gnome interface status report

Lyndon Drake
Thu, 8 Jul 1999 16:14:11 +1200


The Gnome version now compiles, and it should also be working (at least as much as it
ever has).  I've changed to the new system, which is very cool.  What I
want to work on now is:

- Graphics.  I want to move to the Gnome canvas for this, which should be reasonably
  easy.  This will give us rotated text (which I never got going properly before) and
  the option for antialiased graphics.  However, there are some unimplemented bits in
  the canvas (and the antialiasing is currently a bit buggy), so this may take a while
  to get going properly.

- Printing.  This will hopefully include chucking text (like the console and help
  pages) to the print spooler, and somehow making graphics windows spit out PS files.
  If the Gnome print architecture ever gets finished, we will be able to do really
  cool printing stuff, but that might be a while.

- Preferences.  I need to add a few more things, and make some of the existing prefs
  actually do something.  Some of this will be easier once Brian Ripley's stuff to do
  with the command line parameters is finished, I think.

- Syntax highlighting.  Someone has written a widget that can do syntax highlighting,
  so I would like to base the R console on it.  This could take a bit of work, but
  would look fantastic.

I've decided to use Glade ( for laying out the dialog boxes from
now on.  This will mean fixing a couple of things in Glade, and including libglade in
the R source (this will only affect the gnome part of the source, of course).  The
time savings from using Glade are incredible; writing the GUI code in C was horrible.

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