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Mon, 19 Jul 1999 09:54:59 +1000

You might think about using structure()

fred <- structure(vector("list", length(happy)), names = names(happy))

and in fact you can add as many attributes as you like.  This seems a better
plan than tweaking vector() (where do you stop?) and maintains consistency
with S3 at this low level.

It must be said, though, this natural and innocent looking idiom that I once
used quite a lot in S3 code had nasty consequences in going from S3 to S4,
(as BDR frequently reminds me!)

Bill V.

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Subject: vector()

Can I suggest that vector() has an additional names argument?  This would
make it more comparable with matrix() and array().  I frequently find
myself doing

	fred <- vector("list", length(happy))
	names(fred) <- names(happy)

when I would rather be doing

	fred <- vector("list", length(happy), names = names(happy))

Just a thought.  Cheers, Jonathan.

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