example(.) partly broken (since 0.63.3) --> patch (PR#134)

maechler@stat.math.ethz.ch maechler@stat.math.ethz.ch
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 10:33:44 +0100

(I don't have time just now to diagnose & fix..)

In R 0.63.3  [both on Solaris and Linux]

    > example(outer)
    Error: Couldn't find 'outer' example

whereas this worked in 0.63.2.

NON-exhaustive `research' [i.e. small sample out of about 1000]:
 o examples that stopped working (in 0.63.3 and did before)
	kronecker, outer, vector, Im

 o Examples working
	.Alias, "%in%", lm, glm, lsfit, unix, Re, ... (most?)

It really is the  'AnIndex' file which is broken, 
either because of incorrect syntax in changed  *.Rd files
or    because the AnIndex building scripts are broken or not robust enough..

My "AnIndex" (i.e.  RINSTALL/library/base/help/AnIndex)
has line 482
glm summaries	glm.summaries
which then is  scan()ed as 3 character strings instead of 2, and then
everything following is mixed up......

Other (not necessarily all) such bad lines are
lm summaries	lm.summaries
nrow, ncol	nrow
QR Auxiliaries	qraux

However, it seems sufficient [for example() at least]
to patch its source by using  scan("..../AnIndex" ..) with sep = "\t" :

--- src/library/base/R/source.R.~1~	Wed Dec  2 11:39:22 1998
+++ src/library/base/R/source.R	Tue Mar  9 10:27:38 1999
@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@
             AnIndexF <- system.file(paste("help","AnIndex",sep=directory.sep),
                                     pkg, lib)
             if(AnIndexF != "") {
-                AnIndex <- scan(AnIndexF,what=c("c","c"),quiet=TRUE)
+                AnIndex <- scan(AnIndexF,what=c("c","c"),sep="\t",quiet=TRUE)
                 i <- match(topic,AnIndex[seq(1,length(AnIndex),2)],-1)
                 if(i != -1)	 
                     file <- system.file(paste("R-ex",directory.sep,AnIndex[2*i],

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