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A.J. Rossini rossini@biostat.washington.edu
16 Nov 1999 14:54:54 -0800

>>>>> "LD" == Lyndon Drake <lyndon@stat.auckland.ac.nz> writes:

    LD> Based on this, I'd say that it will be pretty difficult to
    LD> replicate ESS's functionality.  I guess some people will be
    LD> sticking with Emacs (strange people... ;-).

But you should be able to get object completions and the emacs/vi
keybindings :-).  Those are the basic needs...

Syntax highlighting would be nice, if easily possible.

    >> Now for some less cynical feedback: Looking at your XML code,
    >> it'd be nice to have a means of bringing up an example, i.e. a
    >> filled out screen with an additional text window which
    >> described what could be done (you do/are having a
    >> help-feature-window-thingy, right)?
    >> I.e. create a button on the window which would show examples
    >> for read.table for a tab-sep'd file, CSV file, etc...  This
    >> would literally be the R-ex files GUI'd up (gooey'd up... I
    >> like that one, and so would my 2-year old :-), with a text
    >> window described what each or a selected one would do.
    >> Tres cool, and we can't really do that to the same extent with
    >> ESS (well, we can dump code from the help buffer, but it's
    >> really run, not an example!).

    LD> Very cool idea.  I'll have a think about how to do it (finding
    LD> the time to actually implement it is another matter).

Actually, it isn't too hard.  Read up on what XSL (the XML
Stylesheets) can do.  Basically, 

XML interface ->  what you described, under one path (my-interface.xml)
	      ->  the wizards/examples, under another path 

and then the 2 new *.xml files are used for corresponding stuff...

Best of all, all the information is there in the documentation!  (the
R-ex stuff, I mean).

The catch?  You need an XSLT engine written in C (or C++).  I think
there are a few in C++ (I know there are for Python and Java) but have 
no pointers.  

For a decent powerpoint example on XSLT which I found incredible lucid
(it's GPL'd -- weird notion, MS formatted information publically
available), see:
and follow the links...


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