formatReal()-bug (or Is there anybody out there w/o IEEE754?)

Thomas Hoffmann
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 15:58:38 +0200 (METDST)

On a system with IEEE_754 undefined, I run into an bug, when the value
of an element of the first argument (e.g., x[0]) of formatReal() is NA:

1. (format.c:235) if (!R_FINITE ..) gives nanflag=1 (!naflag remains 0)
2. (format.c:272..288) *m gets an value of -2147483643 (from the format 
                       fiddling, should not matter to us)
3. (format.c:289) because naflag is zero, m does not get the value of
                  R_print.na_width and we get back the unbelievable value 
                  from 2.

This crashes R in commands as 

(Please reply to my mail address too, because I do not read r-devel regularly).
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