error in split...

A.J. Rossini
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 17:19:02 -0700 (PDT)

Date: 20 Oct 1999 17:19:02 -0700
Message-ID: <>
Lines: 62

> version
platform i686-unknown-linux
arch     i686              
os       linux             
system   i686, linux       
status   Release           
major    0                 
minor    65.1              
year     1999              
month    October           
day      07                
language R                 

Just saw the following which looked strange (Thomas, I'll bug you
about it tommorow...):

(ctl and group are factors, vectors of strings; ddna is a vector of

Does it have to do with the number of quotes?

> <- interaction(ctl,group)
> my.list <- split(ddna,
Error in split(x, f) : second argument must be a factor
> is.factor(
[1] TRUE
> ### Thoughts?  here's ctl and group (trimmed for space):
> ctl
   [1] \"CTL\"    \"CTL\"    \"CTL\"    \"CTL\"    \"CTL\"    \"CTL\"   
   [7] \"CTL\"    \"CTL\"    \"CTL\"    \"CTL\"    \"CTL\"    \"CTL\"   
  [13] \"CTL\"    \"CTL\"    \"CTL\"    \"CTL\"    \"CTL\"    \"CTL\"   
[1783] \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\"
[1789] \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\"
[1795] \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\"
[1801] \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\"
[1807] \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\"
[1813] \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\"
[1819] \"NONCTL\" \"NONCTL\"
Levels:  "CTL" "NONCTL" 
> group
   [1] \"L\" \"P\" \"L\" \"P\" \"L\" \"R\" \"L\" \"L\" \"R\" \"R\" \"A\" \"L\"
  [13] \"R\" \"R\" \"R\" \"L\" \"R\" \"R\" \"R\" \"L\" \"L\" \"L\" \"A\" \"P\"
  [25] \"R\" \"P\" \"P\" \"L\" \"L\" \"R\" \"L\" \"R\" \"L\" \"P\" \"P\" \"P\"
  [37] \"P\" \"R\" \"A\" \"L\" \"A\" \"P\" \"P\" \"L\" \"R\" \"P\" \"R\" \"P\"
  [49] \"R\" \"P\" \"R\" \"R\" \"R\" \"A\" \"R\" \"L\" \"R\" \"L\" \"R\" \"A\"
  [61] \"P\" \"R\" \"R\" \"R\" \"R\" \"R\" \"P\" \"P\" \"P\" \"L\" \"R\" \"A\"
[1765] \"L\" \"P\" \"P\" \"P\" \"L\" \"L\" \"L\" \"P\" \"L\" \"P\" \"L\" \"L\"
[1777] \"P\" \"R\" \"L\" \"P\" \"L\" \"R\" \"R\" \"L\" \"A\" \"L\" \"A\" \"P\"
[1789] \"P\" \"P\" \"A\" \"A\" \"L\" \"L\" \"L\" \"P\" \"L\" \"P\" \"R\" \"L\"
[1801] \"L\" \"A\" \"R\" \"P\" \"L\" \"P\" \"L\" \"L\" \"L\" \"L\" \"L\" \"L\"
[1813] \"R\" \"P\" \"L\" \"R\" \"A\" \"L\" \"A\" \"L\"
Levels:  "A" "L" "P" "R" 
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