Problems compiling R65.0 (PR#262)
Wed, 1 Sep 1999 11:49:37 +0200 (MET DST)

I appear to have a slight problem compiling R0.65.0 under Linux
(slackware) using g77. By simply typing configure then make, I obtain
a binary which when "ldd" does not contain the f2c library. I
therefore cannot load any libraries containing fortran code (I obtain
unresolved symbol messages from R.X11 and an unable to load shared
library from dyn.load(file)).
If I change the "-lf2c" flag on the FLIBS line of the Makeconf to
"-L/usr/lib/libf2c", I then obtain the following error when R.X11 is
being created:

gcc -export-dynamic  -o ../../bin/R.X11 arithmetic.o array.o attrib.o bind.o builtin.o character.o coerce.o colors.o complex.o context.o cov.o cum.o debug.o devPS.o devPicTeX.o deparse.o deriv.o devices.o dotcode.o dstruct.o duplicate.o envir.o errors.o eval.o format.o fourier.o gram.o gram-ex.o graphics.o iosupport.o list.o logic.o main.o match.o memory.o model.o names.o objects.o optimize.o options.o par.o paste.o platform.o plot.o plot3d.o plotmath.o print.o printarray.o printvector.o printutils.o random.o relop.o saveload.o scan.o seq.o sort.o source.o split.o subassign.o subscript.o subset.o summary.o unique.o util.o version.o ../unix/libunix.a ../appl/libappl.a ../nmath/libmath.a -lSM -lICE -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11  -L/usr/lib/libf2c -lm -L/usr/lib/gcc-lib/i486-unknown-linux-gnulibc1/ -L/usr/i486-unknown-linux-gnulibc1/lib -lm  -lreadline -lz -ldl -lncurses -lm 
../appl/libappl.a(uncmin.o): In function `optchk_':
/usr/local/src/R/src/appl/uncmin.f:1848: undefined reference to `d_lg10'
make[3]: *** [../../bin/R.X11] Error 1

Does anyone have an idea how I could get my libraries working?
Thank you,

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