analysis of multivariate normal (missing values)

A.J. Rossini
24 Sep 1999 06:54:25 -0700

I've ported it as well, (and Shafer's other two) but havn't managed to
finish the job (and package it) -- if you cleaned up the Fortran
problems, up load it!  (provided no one else has...).


>>>>> "AAN" == Alvaro A Novo <> writes:

    AAN> Hi, I could not find an R package for the analysis of
    AAN> multivariate normal datasets with missing
    AAN> values. Prof. Joseph Schafer has created an S+ library (norm)
    AAN> that does such type of analysis, which I now ported to R.

    AAN> I guess that I should have asked here if there are other
    AAN> people working on such project, before I actually ported it,
    AAN> but... If such package has not been ported, I will upload the
    AAN> package (norm, original name) anytime soon.  Please let me
    AAN> know if you are working on such project.

    AAN> Thank you,

    AAN> Alvaro A. Novo

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