[Rd] Latest/last beta of R 1.1.1 for MacOS (rel Dec 10 2000)

Stefano Iacus jago@mclink.it
Mon, 18 Dec 2000 18:53:53 +0100

Dear R&Mac developers(users),



you can find the latest (and last) beat version of R for MacOs 
corresponding to R vers 1.1.1.
Release date is Dec 10 2000. It is no longer a pre-alpha version but 
a beta one :)

In what follows you can find what's new in this version but please 
remember that it is still a beta version intended mainly for R 
developers and with the aim to collect as much feedback as possible.

Sometimes R application fails to allocate memory and it quits. This 
is a known bug and it will be fixed in the next release.

I think that this is the last porting of R 1.1.1 and next version of 
R for MacOS will be based on R ver 1.2.0 released on Dec 15 2000. I 
hope this to be a complete porting and it will come with next year.

I would like to thank the R Core Team people for the invaluable help 
given to me.


p.s. I apologize for this long message.

Macintosh porting of R-1.1.1,  beta 1, (Dec 10 2000).

What's new from R for Mac pre-alpha  2

* tempfile() is now supported. Temporary files are stored in a directory
   "tmp" that it is assumed to be in the main R folder. If it doesn't
   exist, R create it. All temporary files will be stored there.

* unlink() is implemented. It can delete only files and dirs created
   from the current R session. Wildcards not allowed yet.

* Dynamic libraries are fully implemented grace to the code give to me
   by Luke Tierney.
   (There is a problem with DLLName. Every function must be searched
    for global and not for a specific package when calling .C/.Fortran etc)

* Most of the packages have been compiled but the tclk one.

* tclk demos disabled

* Packages. The following packages have been compiled or simply added
   to the base one:

   ctest (ex:tested)
   eda (ex:tested)
   lqs (ex:tested)
   modreg (ex:tested)
   mva (ex:tested)
   nls (ex:tested, does not work "SSlogis")
   splines (ex:tested)
   stepfun (ex:tested)
   ts (file AnIndex to be built)
   wavethresh (examples and help files to be built)

* Metric Information for graphics device partially working.
   You can write expressions and symbols in plots but it is not yet
   perfectly working.

* data(women) doesn't load! Can't understand why...yet.

* XDR loading/saving has been implemented. I use the code from B. Ripley
   that (seems) to work fine with very little modifications.

* Load and Save of image is now implemented correctly.

* Load and Save implemented from menu too. If you save from menu an icon
   will be added to the file. You can double-click on a R file to start the
   application or load a file in R if the application is running. You can
   also  drag&drop the file on the R icon to launch R.

* Help files are now displayed correctly with colors as under Windows

What else still remains to do!
There are lots of things that have to be implemented and fixed.
Not all the avalaible packages have been compiled. If you have any
particular need please let me know and I will compile and made
available the package. There is not an automatic install procedure
for building packages under MacOS yet.

This current version containes wavethresh and multiv packages but no
help files and examples are avalaible yet.
If you need them you should only copy the directories "help" and "R-ex"
of the Windows distribution in their respectively directory under this

Memory problems
There is a strange behaviour of this porting of R with memory
that I'm not able to fix yet.
As the memory routines will be changed in R 1.2 I decided to
fix it in version 1.2 of the MacOS porting.
Anyway, the suggested memory parameters are the following: from
Finder get Information on the R application and change its
assigned memory to 42000k. From within R application preferences set
RVSize = 5M and RNSize = 500k.


What was in R for Mac pre-alpha 2 and 1
* dir, setcwd, getcwd
* macdevice pdated to WasteLib 2.0

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