[Rd] Bug in stars.R (PR#739)

Martin Maechler Martin Maechler <maechler@stat.math.ethz.ch>
Mon, 20 Nov 2000 17:09:30 +0100

>>>>> "tdye" == tdye  <tdye@lava.net> writes:

    tdye> Hi all, Please let me know if this isn't the correct place to
    tdye> report bugs in contributed code.  Otherwise, the following code
    tdye> contains one additional line and a short comment above it.  The
    tdye> extra line of code catches the unusual situation where a data
    tdye> column contains all 0 values.

    tdye> The corrected code is below the signature.

    tdye> Thanks for your help.  Tom

    tdye> Thomas S. Dye, Ph.D.  http://www.tsdye.com Home: 812A 19th
    tdye> Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816.  (808) 739-1367 or 387-9352.
    tdye> Work: International Archaeological Research Institute, Inc., 2081
    tdye> Young St., Honolulu, Hawaii 96826. Voice (808) 946-2548; Fax
    tdye> 943-0716.

Dear Thomas,
thank you for the bug report and fix.
Since you *are* the original contributor of this R function,
I took the time and carefully looked at the (mass of) code you sent...

3 remarks:
  - you fixed the "installed code", not the source code,
	which *is*  <R_TOPDIR>/src/library/base/R/stars.R
    i.e. your version had dropped all the comments

  - it would have been much easier had you only sent the result of
    "diff -c  oldfile newfile"

  - After looking at your change, it seems clear that it is only needed
    inside the  if(scale) { .. } clause.

This all amounts to

diff -u -b -B -w -r1.3 stars.R
--- src/library/base/R/stars.R	1999/11/01 10:02:17	1.3
+++ src/library/base/R/stars.R	2000/11/20 14:36:20
@@ -54,8 +53,11 @@
     ## Missing values are treated as 0
     x[is.na(x)] <- 0
-    if (scale)
+    if (scale) {
 	x <- sweep(x,2,apply(x,2,max),FUN="/")
+	## Columns of 0s will put NAs in x, next line gets rid of them
+	x[is.na(x)] <- 0
+    }
     x <- x * len

which will be in R 1.2.

Thank you again for stars()!

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