[Rd] reusing external functions across libs

Saikat DebRoy saikat@stat.wisc.edu
06 Sep 2000 08:44:00 -0500


>>>>> "Albrecht" == Albrecht Gebhardt <albrecht.gebhardt@uni-klu.ac.at> writes:

  Albrecht> But I guess now I have to add ./configure scripts and
  Albrecht> Makefiles to my libraries. In lib1 to build the static lib
  Albrecht> (and to install it somewhere into the library installation
  Albrecht> path) and in lib2 to find this location to link
  Albrecht> against. It's not crucial during the development stage but
  Albrecht> at least when it comes to distribute these libraries.

  Albrecht> Are there any guidelines to do this?

There is some information in the R Extensions manual. See the section
on congigure and cleanup.

We have faced a somewhat similar situation in a few projects. From our
experience the following scheme (due to Duncan Temple Lang) may
work. Note that we have tested this only on a few platforms. In
particular this (as it stands) possibly would not work on Windows.

Suppose you have two packages, package1 and package2. You want the
shared object file in package2 to depend on that of package1.

Install package1 as usual with R INSTALL package1. In package2, add a
configure script and a src/Makevars.in file. You may also want to add
a cleanup script.

Here are some example scripts. Remember to replace package1 and
package2 with appropriate names. You have to run autoconf to geneerate
the configure script for configure.in. Alos, these are modified
versions of existing scripts and I have not tested these modified versions.

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Content-Description: Makevars.in

# package2/src/Makevars.in
# link package2.so against the package1.so. This is done by creating a
# libpackage1.so in the top level directory of package2.
PKG_LIBS=-L@TOP@ -lpackage1

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Content-Description: configure.in

# package2/configure.in

AC_INIT(src/package2.c)  # replace with appropriate source file in src

# Find the current directory - the toplevel directory for package2


# find installation path for package1
# package1 has to be installed during installing package2

if test -z "${R_HOME}" ; then

if test -z "${R_HOME}" ; then
  echo "Cannot find the R distribution!"
  exit 1 

echo 'cat(paste("PACKAGE1_LIBS=",system.file("libs", pkg="packag1"),"\n",sep=""), file="./Package1Libs")' | $R_HOME/bin/R --vanilla  

chmod +x Package1Libs

. ./Package1Libs

if test -z "${PACKAGE1_LIBS}" ; then
 echo "Cannot find the package1 library for R. Please install it,"
 echo "or set the environment R_LIBS so that it can be found in an R session."
 exit 1;

echo "Computed PACKAGE1_LIBS: ${PACKAGE1_LIBS}"


if test ! -f libpackage1.so ; then
  ln -s $PACKAGE1_LIBS/package1.so libpackage1.so



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