[Rd] R 1.1.1 (and 1.2.0) on Mac (PPC) and "/afm/" bugs (?)

Martin Maechler Martin Maechler <maechler@stat.math.ethz.ch>
Mon, 18 Sep 2000 11:19:08 +0200

>>>>> "StefI" == Stefano Iacus <jago@mclink.it> writes:

    StefI> This is my second post. Is the R porting no more interesting ? I
    StefI> hope no. :) Hy (I hope this is the right list).

No, to the contrary.  There is quite a base of potential users who'd
welcome a Mac port very much! {I'm "unix only" though.}

Thanks a lot for your efforts!

I think you should send specific patches (as the one below, using FILESEP)
-- using "diff -c" against a recent version of R-devel --
to R-core at R-project.org which is the core team's (non-public) E-mail list.
One of us could then "slice" your code into the current development version.

    StefI> 1. Mac porting

    StefI> I'm finishing the porting of R for Mac. I hope to finish it for
    StefI> the end of september. Thanks to the porting of R 0.64 by Ross
    StefI> (that he gave me) I succeded in this porting. This is the
    StefI> current state:

    StefI> Both R 1.1.1. and 1.2.0 works with minor modification to the
    StefI> original code. The Macintosh device has been updated to the new
    StefI> version of WASTE library that is Carbon-izable (for who knows
    StefI> MacOS, Carbon is a collections of libraries that allow macintosh
    StefI> applications developed for pre-MacOS X to run under MacOS X with
    StefI> minor modification, MacOS X is beeing released in september).
    StefI> There is a lot of work to do in testing the 1.1.1 porting. The
    StefI> code I have modified is not all commented, so give me some times
    StefI> to fix this and I'll release the sources to who will ask for.
    StefI> The porting runs only on PPC machines.  I compiled 1.2 only to
    StefI> verify how much the changes are sensitive to new releases of the
    StefI> code. It seems to work without problems.

    StefI> Is there anyone working on R porting for Mac at the moment?

    StefI> Actually, I have problems on building the base package and
    StefI> packages in general and I just pick Win base package and adapt
    StefI> it, so the check I can do are not so accurate. Where can I find
    StefI> the proper documentation on building packages?  Makefiles on Mac
    StefI> are a problem for me at the moment, but I'll try to fix this
    StefI> also.

    StefI> 2. About the bug (?)

    StefI> I've to remark one problem in the source code of PS and Xfig
    StefI> devices.  When the device look for "afm" it is system dependent
    StefI> because slashes such "/" are used to search for fonts:

    StefI> i.e. (in xfig, the same is for PS)

    StefI> static int XFig_Open(DevDesc *dd, XFigDesc *pd) { char buf[512];
    StefI> int i;

    StefI>      for(i = 0; i < 5 ; i++) { sprintf(buf, "%s/afm/%s.%s",
    StefI> R_Home, <--- HERE Family[pd->fontfamily].font[i].abbr, (i == 4)
    StefI> ? "afm" : Extension[pd->encoding]);

    StefI> the slashes should be replaced by the FILESEP definition.

    StefI> Both devices fixed for FILESEP (and pictex as well) works on
    StefI> Mac.

    StefI> Regards,

    StefI>          Stefano -- Stefano Maria Iacus Dipartimento di Politica
    StefI> Economica ed Aziendale Universita' di Milano Via Conservatorio 7
    StefI> 20122 Milano Tel: 02 760 74 462 Fax: 02 760 23 198
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