[Rd] update.packages fails again (PR#972)

Kurt Hornik Kurt.Hornik@ci.tuwien.ac.at
Sat, 9 Jun 2001 08:28:12 +0200

>>>>> ripley  writes:

> It's happened again:
> exactRankTests_0.4-2.tar.gz has

> Depends: R > 1.3.0

> which is not only impossible, but breaks update.packages.

> How can we test for this?

Damn it.  I thought that my Perl code in R CMD check

    if($description->{"Depends"} =~ /\bR *\([^)]*\)/) {
        ## The `Depends' field is not required, and currently only R
        ## version dependencies are used, which must be of the form
        ## `R ($op $version)' with `$op' one of `<=' or `>='.
        $log->checking("DESCRIPTION Depends field");
        $description->{"Depends"} =~ /\bR *\(([^) ]+) *([^) ]+)\)/;
        if((($1 eq "<=") || ($1 eq ">=")) && $2) {
        else {
            $log->message("  malformed Depends field");

was good enough.  It is intended to check for just that: even more
precisely for exactly what is used by R lateron.

For the offending package I get no warning.  Argh.

> Unfortunately once such a package is installed, it has to be manually
> uninstalled before update.packages will work again.

> *PLEASE* can people read the manual to get the syntax right: it is

> Depends: R (>= 1.3.0)

> but such packages should not be in the main part of CRAN yet.

How can this be installed?  I though if you ran R CMD INSTALL then it
would figure this out.  At least, this is what

  depends=`get_dcf_field Depends DESCRIPTION`
  depends=`echo ${depends} | grep 'R *('`
  if test "${depends}"; then
    depends=`echo ${depends} | sed 's/.*R *(\([^)]*\)).*/\1/;s/=/= /'`
    dep_operator=`set - ${depends}; echo ${1}`
    dep_version=`set - ${depends}; echo ${2}`
    ## Currently, only operators `<=' and `>=' are supported.  Hence we
    ## check this, and also whether we found a version string.
    if (test "${dep_operator}" = "<=" \
        || test "${dep_operator}" = ">=") \
        && test -n "${dep_version}"; then
      dep_ok=`expr ${R_VERSION} ${dep_operator} ${dep_version} `
      if test ${dep_ok} -eq 0; then
        echo "ERROR: This R is version ${R_VERSION}"
        echo "       package \`${pkg}' depends on R ${dep_version}"
        exit 1;
      echo "WARNING: malformed \`Depends' field in \`DESCRIPTION'"

in INSTALL is supposed to do.  Same problem, most likely.

Will have a look later.

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