[Rd] Comments on R-1.2.1 builds (PR#851)

Kurt Hornik Kurt.Hornik@ci.tuwien.ac.at
Sat, 31 Mar 2001 22:38:44 +0200

>>>>> Kurt Hornik writes:

>>>>> beebe  writes:
>> The R-1.2.1 builds have gone fairly smoothly on most of my UNIX
>> architectures, but there were many warnings reported by the picky SGI
>> compiler that could be eliminated in future releases.

>> Generally, I have found the SGI compilers very helpful in ferreting
>> out portability problems, unused and/or obsolete variables, unexpected
>> datatype coercions, etc., and they compile faster than any other
>> compilers too.

>> First, I configured like this:

>> env CC='c89 -mips3 -O3' ./configure && make all

>> This reports:

>> R is now configured for mips-sgi-irix6.5

>> Source directory:          .
>> Installation directory:    /usr/local
>> C compiler:                c89 -mips3 -O3  -OPT:IEEE_NaN_inf=ON -g
>> C++ compiler:              c++  -g -O2
>> FORTRAN compiler:          g77  -OPT:IEEE_NaN_inf=ON -g -O2

>> X11 support:               yes
>> Gnome support:             no
>> Tcl/Tk support:            yes

>> R profiling support:       yes
>> R as a shared library:     no

>> The build proceeds until this failure:

>> g77 -OPT:IEEE_NaN_inf=ON  -g -O2 -c ch2inv.f -o ch2inv.o
>> f771: Invalid option `-OPT:IEEE_NaN_inf=ON'
>> make[3]: *** [ch2inv.o] Error 1

>> Evidently, it was not prepared for the GNU Fortran compiler.

> Yep, that is a bug.  I need some feedback for fixing this, though.  The
> current logic is to run the autoconf R_C_OPTIEEE test if the platform is
> IRIX.  The test itself tries to compile and run

> #include <math.h>
> #include <ieeefp.h>
> int main () {
>   double x = 0;
>   fpsetmask(0); x = x / x; return (x != x);
> }

> and if that works adds -OPT:IEEE_NaN_inf=ON to both R_XTRA_CFLAGS and

> This obviously does not make sense for FORTRAN, and should be made more
> defensive for C.

> * For C, one should additionally test whether the compiler accepts this
>   flag.  I assume gcc would not, so should we do

> 	if_not_using_gcc  check_arg("-OPT:IEEE_NaN_inf=ON")

> * For FORTRAN, I am not sure whether the result of the above test has
>   any relevance.  Question is, do we have a FORTRAN test program similar
>   to the above to determine whether the flag is needed?  Again, we
>   should also check whether the compiler accepts the flag ...

> * Or should we simply unconditionally add the flag for ``native'', i.e.,
>   non-GNU compilers?

> (Sorry but I do not have access to SGIs ...)

I would like to fix this for 1.2.3, so it would be great if anyone with
access to IRIX could comment ... Personally, I'd prefer the last idea if
this is feasible.


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