question about Rpvm, SNOW, etc.

A.J. Rossini
20 Aug 2002 12:53:09 -0700

>>>>> "michael" == Michael Na Li <> writes:

    michael> I got similar timing with our cluster.  Saving and loading the object to/from
    michael> a file require about 1.5 seconds each, which I assume is the cost of the
    michael> serialization (plus file reading and writing).  Then it seems the packing (as
    michael> bytes), transferring, and unpacking the object take 7-8 seconds??

    michael> I wonder how much the serialization itself hurts the performance.  Would
    michael> sending raw numbers with pvm routines improve the performance?

It might.  It is "well-known" that PVM (and MPI, and other
message-passing systems) have a marshalling overhead that can be
easily beat by RPC or direct socket programming.  This suggests that
the lower/rawer the data at the message passing stage, the faster it
might be.  


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