Thoughts about Cygwin ?

Dirk Eddelbuettel
Fri, 30 Aug 2002 12:13:05 -0500

Let me preface this email by saying that I am very grateful for the
existing Windows version of R. It does an excellent job by providing
a pain- and flawless installation, and a look-and-fell most Windows
users feel comfortable with.  For me,  Windows in its different 
flavours is not something I know, or care, a lot about -- but like
others am forced to work with. The old need-bread-on-the-table thing.

Which brings us to Cygwin. It has also come a fairly long way, and
does now contain an almost complete Unix "user layer" (if you install
the whole bit, not just the default). By "user layer" I mean the tools, 
the networking (I can ssh or telnet in), and even a complete (?) X11
layer -- in fact I can ssh from one NT machine to another and export 
X11 apps back as if I was working between Unix terminals -- not bad.
Even tetex works out of the box to the extend that it support Sweave.

But I tend to spend most of my Windows time in Cygwin.  With R inside 
Xemacs/ESS, my work is fairly OS-agnostic. Every now and then, however,
I feel that it would be nice to have R behave under Cygwin just like it
does under Unix/Linux.  Anybody else here who feels the same?  I don't
think I have the stamina, or for that matter windows/cygwin knowledge, 
to spawn a port, but I would be happy to collaborare as I can with test, hacks etc pp

If there is no demand, just tell me to crawl back under my stone. No
hurt feelings. I should be using Debian here anyway... 


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