[Rd] Samples of external code with various compilers?

Duncan Murdoch dmurdoch@pair.com
Fri Dec 6 03:01:02 2002

On Fri, 6 Dec 2002 11:19:28 +1100 , you wrote:
>There are three places besides dyn.load where mention or expansion might be
>(1) In the main README. At present, "readme.packages" is mentioned, but only
>under "Adding packages" under "installing packages from source code". Since
>I was never likely to do that with other peoples' source, I didn't look at
>this. Perhaps a short section in README explictly called "Writing DLLs"
>(underlined with = signs) could alert people to the existence of

I don't see it in README.  Are you thinking of rw-FAQ maybe?  

The reason it wouldn't be in README is that README is supposed to give
information common to all platforms.  But perhaps it would be useful
to add a pointer to platform-specific files to the RESOURCES file?

>(2) In the help for .C etc., where the "Writing R Extensions" manual is
>already referred to.

I've added it there.
>(3) And presumably in "Writing R Extensions" itself, if "readme.packages" is
>likely to be a semi-permanent feature of R for Windows.

I've added a cross reference at the end of section 4.4, Creating
Shared Libraries.

Duncan Murdoch