[Rd] Minor glitch in building documentation (PR#2371)

prye@shiraz.apana.org.au prye@shiraz.apana.org.au
Fri Dec 13 11:02:02 2002

This is a very minor glitch, which I think is a problem in
texi2dvi. Building *.dvi and *.pdf files fails due to a problem with the
"--texinfo=@set UseExternalXrefs" argument to texi2dvi. This inserts the
additional @set line where it is supposed to, but fails to follow it with a
space or newline, therefore creates a syntax error.

The following patch works here:

--- doc/manual/Makefile.in.orig Fri Sep  6 07:44:00 2002
+++ doc/manual/Makefile.in      Thu Dec 12 17:14:51 2002
@@ -34,7 +34,8 @@
 MAKEINFO_TEXT_OPTS = --number-sections --fill-column=76 --no-split --no-headers
-TEXI2DVI = $(top_builddir)/bin/texi2dvi --texinfo="@set UseExternalXrefs"
+# Looks like a bug in texi2dvi to me - needs a space after the --texinfo= argument
+TEXI2DVI = $(top_builddir)/bin/texi2dvi --texinfo="@set UseExternalXrefs "
 TEXI2PDF = $(TEXI2DVI) --pdf