[Rd] Perl library problem in docs install (PR#2383

William Annis annis@biostat.wisc.edu
Thu Dec 19 21:45:03 2002

 >That's an ancient version of perl, of which there are several variants,
 >and the one I had worked on Solaris 2.7.  My memory is that 5.00503 works,
 >and earlier versions of 5.005 are betas.  So which version precisely do
 >you have?

        Ah.  5.00502, which seems odd.  I thought 03.

 >I believe this is a bug in your perl install, not in R.  Why don't you try
 >the current perl 5.8.0?

        Mostly because I got sick of rewriting several of my programs
after every new perl version change.  Certain functions kept library
hopping, and that quickly got annoying.  Then I converted to Python,
and stopped caring. :)

        But I guess we should get to 5.8.0 soon.


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