[Rd] R-devel

Jan de Leeuw deleeuw@stat.ucla.edu
Fri Dec 27 07:05:29 2002

On http://gifi.stat.ucla.edu/pub there is a build of R-devel (12/26/02)
compiled with gcc-3.3-pch  and g77-3.3-pch (apple build 1310 of
12/05/02) and linked with the vecLib framework for both BLAS
and LAPACK. This is maybe a tiny bit faster than a build with OS X
optimized ATLAS from fink, and it has the usual advantages of using
dynamic libraries instead of static ones. Because R now includes
libpcre and libbz2, and OS X includes libncurses, this makes
building R.bin almost independent of fink (except for dlcompat
and readline).
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