[Rd] Ratfor->Fortran conversion

ripley@stats.ox.ac.uk ripley@stats.ox.ac.uk
Fri Dec 27 14:32:06 2002

Yes, quite a bit of R is converted ratfor.

There is `ratfor' (from AT&T) and then there is at least one `public
domain' clone. My RH7.2 came with neither.  I tend to use the AT&T version
on Solaris, as it seems better-behaved than the clone that is available
for e.g. Debian.

On 27 Dec 2002, Nicholas Lewin-Koh wrote:

> Does anyone have any experience porting Ratfor to fortran. I have gotten
> the ratfor preprocessor working and if I compile the ratfor code
> directly and dynamically load into R it seems to work (using g77 on RH
> linux). However if I just use the ratfor command and try to compile the
> output fortran file it does not compile. Is there some flags I should
> use to get ratfor to format the fortran output better, or is there a
> flag I need to set for g77 to get the output code to compile. Thanks

It really depends on the version details of both tools.  Your report is
about as non-specific as it is possible to get!  The only problems I have
had have been bugs in the ratfor -> f77 translation by the PD ratfor.

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