cluster installation hangs or too many args (PR#1624)
Sun, 2 Jun 2002 07:38:13 +0200 (MET DST)

This runs correctly for me on `Solaris', using Solaris' f77.  I presume
you don't have a Fortran compiler installed on either system as you are
using the script bin/f77?  If so how did you compile cluster before?

We need a lot more information, including which compilers you have and
which configure selected.  Did you perchance set environment variables
such as FC or F77?

If you do have /usr/bin/f77 as a real Fortran compiler, tell configure so
(or edit etc/Makeconf).

On Sun, 2 Jun 2002 wrote:

> Full_Name: Felix Hernandez-Campos
> Version: R-1.5.0
> OS: IRIX, FreeBSD, Solaris
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> [R-1.5.0]
> The installation of the package cluster fails in FreeBSD (4.2) and IRIX (6.5)
> (but it works fine for Solaris). In FreeBSD, the installation hangs right after
> f77   -fPIC  -g -O2 -c clara.f -o clara.o
> (the first FORTRAN compile). In IRIX, the program also hangs at the same point,
> but after a minute or two, it returns an error about an "arg list too long".
> The
> problem is in ~R/bin/f77. I added a print out statement in ~R/bin/f77 and it
> shows
> that this script is calling itself endlessly (rather than invoking the f77
> compiler).
> I have been able to solve the problem in both platforms by changing the
> following
> line in ~R/bin/f77
> : ${F77='f77'}
> by
> : ${F77='/usr/bin/f77'}
> P.S. I was always able to install the package cluster without this modification
> in
> R-1.4 and R-1.3.
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