Crashing R (PR#1651)
Tue, 11 Jun 2002 09:24:15 +0200 (MET DST)

On Mon, 10 Jun 2002 wrote:

> Concerns: R 1.5.0 gui version, Windows (downloaded binary) and Linux
> (installed from sources).
> # Load the data from the attached file:
> kk<-read.table("__filename__", header=1)
> # attach the data:
> attach(kk)
> Snr<-factor(Snr)
> # fool around with a call to anova.glm():
> anova.glm( aov( nFD~Type+size+Modality+Error(Snr/(Type+size+Modality)) ) )
> # Error: object nFD not found
> # Well, I thought I had attached that. Anyway:
> anova.glm(aov( nFD~Type+size+Modality+Error(Snr/(Type+size+Modality))),
> data=kk)

Why are you calling anova.glm on an object of class c("aovlist",
"listof")?  Also, why give the data = kk argument to anova.glm (which does
not have such an argument)?

I have no idea what you intended, but there is no anova method for
a multistratum aov fit.  I suggest you look at the print and summary

> # Same message
> # In addition, warning message:
> <lots of output>
> R dumps core. On Windows, it crashes in <unknown module>.
> Also not that the 1st (Snr) column is not automatically converted in a
> factor, despite the fact that it consists of strings!

All text files are strings. It is a column of integer numbers, and so is
converted to an integer variable in R.

If you wanted something different, read ?read.table and set colClasses.

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