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A.J. Rossini
17 Jun 2002 08:15:43 -0700

Any chance we can get this re-released as 1.5.2 ?

>>>> "peter" == Peter Dalgaard <BSA <>> writes:
    peter> writes:
    >> >> > Argh! That's because it isn't in the directory on CRAN. If someone
    >> >> > would put it in, I'll roll up a replacement version.
    >> >> 
    >> >> Done.  How could this go unnoticed?  Argh ...
    >> > Updated version on the ftp site now. Can Fritz please update CRAN ASAP?
    >> Yes he can (and did) :-)

    peter> Thanks! It's a little irregular to have the same file released in
    peter> different versions so it was important to get everything updated
    peter> before any mirroring took place.

    peter> We need automated build and check procedures for "the whole thing". We
    peter> discussed this before and I think this little event only underlines
    peter> the need. Hopefully in 1.6.x.

    peter>         -p

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