Sweave (PR#2142)

John Fox jfox@mcmaster.ca
Tue, 15 Oct 2002 16:57:37 -0400

Dear Friedrich et al.,

Why not make the default location for installing the Windows version of R 
"c:\R" rather than "c:\Program Files\R", thus avoiding this and other 
potential problems? Perhaps there's some consideration of which I'm unaware.


At 10:03 AM 10/14/2002 +0200, Friedrich.Leisch@ci.tuwien.ac.at wrote:
> >>>>> On Fri, 11 Oct 2002 15:35:38 +0100,
> >>>>> Christophe Declercq (CD) wrote:
>   > Thanks, Fritz, for your answer.
>   >> De : Friedrich Leisch [mailto:leisch@galadriel.ci.tuwien.ac.at]
>   >> [...]
>   >> The path is correct (I want to have Sweave.sty in
>   >> $R_HOME/share/texmf), but the install procedure has a bug: Sweave.sty
>   >> does not get installed properly when builddir != srcdir. This has been
>   >> fixed in both the devel and patched version of R.
>   > Yes, but  'file.path(R.home(), "share", "texmf", "Sweave")' on my 
> MS-Windows
>   > box gives "C:\\R\\RW1060/share/texmf/Sweave".
>   > With that, you get '\usepackage{C:RRW1060/share/texmf/Sweave}' in the tex
>   > file. The problem seems to be with the 'R.home()' output on MS-Windows.
>   > 'file.path(.path.package("tools"), "Sweave", "Sweave")' was giving
>   > "C:/R/RW1060/library/tools/Sweave/Sweave" which is OK for pdflatex.
>   > Anyway, thanks a lot for Sweave which is really great (for the 
> moment, as I
>   > need it working, I have just put back the old stylepath code in tools).
>I commited a fix to the patched version of R that translates all
>backslashes to slashes on windows. This now works for me (on Windows
>XP) if the path to R_HOME contains no spaces. For installations in
>directories like "Program Files" I still have the following problem: I
>can either use
>         \usepackage{c:/progra~1/rw1060/share/texmf/Sweave}
>         \usepackage{c:/program files/rw1060/share/texmf/Sweave}
>both of which do *NOT* work with my latex installation
>(miktex). Unless somedy has a good suggestion how to solve the problem
>my recoomendation is to either install R into a path without spaces or
>copy Sweave.sty to some place in your TEXINPUTS path and use
>stylepath=FALSE when calling Sweave.
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