configure/build issue with gcc 3.2.0 (PR#2176)
Wed, 16 Oct 2002 20:31:10 +0200 (MET DST)

There is an incompatibility between R's configure/build process, and gcc 3.2.0 (and maybe earlier).
Gcc 3.2.0 includes -I/usr/local/include by default, on my system (default configuration), and cpp0
issues a warning when this flag is issued additionally by the user (= R's configure). This warning
ends up in the dependency sections of the Makefile that are generated "automagically". The 1st
occurrence is line 105 of src/appl/Makefile .

The only way around it that I found, other than removing all -I/usr/local/include in all Makefiles is to manually add
-Wp,-w, a gcc/cpp argument that suppresses all cpp warnings. It also has the effect of not aborting
a compilation as soon as a specified header file is *not* found :(
If you decide to leave -I/usr/local/include and add -Wp,-w for gcc 3 compilers, I would suggest
*not* adding -Wp,-w if -fsyntax-only is also given, to not interfere with requested syntax-checking.
(that would probably require to call the compiler from a wrapper script, something I already do.)

Rene Bertin

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