[Rd] RH 9 and R 1.7.0 Beta April 2 Latest

Marc Schwartz mschwartz at medanalytics.com
Wed Apr 2 12:08:59 MEST 2003

Hi all,

I am now up and running on RH 9.  Went pretty smoothly (about 1 hour for 
  the clean install, though still doing some "tweaking".) There are 
already about 40 update RPMS including a new kernel via RHN, which I 
have installed.

Noticeable improvements since 8.0, especially with the new version of 
XFree86, which yields sharper fonts that are now (with TTF fonts 
installed) arguably comparable to MS's ClearType under WinXP on my 1600 
x 1200 LCD panel Dell laptop.

Back to the task at hand:

This morning (my time) I downloaded:

R-1.7.0beta_latest.tar.gz        02-Apr-2003 07:04   8.8M

from CRAN U.S and received the following errors during make check:

running code in 'arith-true.R' ... OK
comparing 'arith-true.Rout' to './arith-true.Rout.save' ...71c71
< [1] FALSE
 > [1] TRUE
< [1] FALSE
 > [1] TRUE
make[3]: *** [arith-true.Rout] Error 1

I have not yet seen other posts on this, so I am unsure if this is 
unique to RH 9 or not.  No other errors were found.

If you need more information or need me to run other code, let me know.


Marc Schwartz

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