[Rd] Re: Bug#187537: r-base: FTBFS: hangs in tcltk test (PR#2733)

schepler at math.berkeley.edu schepler at math.berkeley.edu
Sun Apr 6 01:06:20 MEST 2003

Dirk Eddelbuettel <edd at debian.org> writes:

> Thanks for the bug report. I will pass it on to R Core.
> > In case this makes any difference, I am redirecting the stdout and
> > stderr of pbuilder into a pipe, while leaving stdin unchanged.
> Don't know, it may. But that does not propagate to what happens inside
> pbuilder, i.e. in the processes started by it, does it? 
> Most of the other build systems work, see
>      http://buildd.debian.org/build.php?pkg=r-base
> The most recent hppa error looks spurious and related to Build-Depends.

I just reproduced the hang on a standard pbuilder setup: after
installing pbuilder and editing MIRRORSITE in /etc/pbuilderrc to your
liking and setting DISTRIBUTION to sid, you should just be able to run
pbuilder create, then "pbuilder build r-base_*.dsc 2>&1|tee
build-log".  This reproduced the bug for me.  (I'm not sure whether
pbuilder is actually required, but I didn't feel like installing the
Build-Depends for r-base in the root filesystem.)

> Just to confirm, you are building on m68k, correct?  

No, i386.
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