[Rd] Re: Bug#187537: r-base: FTBFS: hangs in tcltk test (PR#2736)

edd at debian.org edd at debian.org
Mon Apr 7 05:20:31 MEST 2003

severity 187537 wishlist
tags 187537 + upstream

I am downgrading because it a) does not affect normal build, b) does not
affect autobuilders, and c) is not related to Debian changes to the build
process as far as I can see.  a) and b) take care of the downgraded
severity, c) is for the upstream tag.

Let me know if you disagree, strongly or mildly.


Wishful thinking can dominate much of the work of a profession for a decade,
but not indefinitely.   -- Robert Shiller, on Efficient Markets models, 2002

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