[Rd] MASS and R-devel WAS: 'Apparently' trouble with name spaces and Sweave...

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Thu Apr 10 08:58:51 MEST 2003

On 9 Apr 2003, Ben Bolstad wrote:

> > > It is not a known issue, but we have no idea how to reproduce this from
> > > your message.  My guess is that your build of MASS is faulty, as you seem
> > > to be missing all the data files.  Does library(MASS) on its own work?  
> > > Did you do `make check-all' on your build?
> The problem is with library(MASS).

No, the problem is with your installation: everyone else is getting all 
these checks to pass.  You did not check the installation fully ....

> I have checked the MASS installation and all the data files are there
> and i can manually load() them just fine.

But that is not how they work: they are promises to load and you are
missing the promises.  How can you `have checked' something you don't 

> make check-all on my current rsync'ed R-devel chokes at.

Ahah: do you have correct versions of the recommended packages?  That is,
run tools/rsync-recommended?

> make[3]: Entering directory `/R/tests/Examples'
> collecting examples for package 'survival' ...
> file ../../library/survival/R-ex cannot be opened at
> ../../share/perl/massage-Examples.pl line 107.
> survival-Ex.R is unchanged

That's another error in your installation not seen elsewhere.

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