[Rd] C function and Windows XP

Ramzi Feghali ramzi_feg at yahoo.fr
Thu Apr 17 18:41:52 MEST 2003

Dear R developer,we are trying to build DLL files using Microsoft Visual C+=
+. As stated in readme.packages, we have to build first the import library =
Rdll.lib with the command: lib /def:R.exp /out:Rdll.lib. However, this comm=
and gives 2155 errors due to unresolved external symbols (ATTRIB to zlibver=
sion) in Rexp.Could anybody tell me if something is missing in the command =
line or suggest any new operation knowing that for building DLL files with =
MVC++ we don't use to create a shared library with Rcmd SHLIB like it is wr=
itten in R manuals.Thx a lot Ramzi


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