[Rd] Weird Windows startup menu display problem in 1.7.0 (PR#2817)

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.uni-dortmund.de
Tue Apr 22 19:56:12 MEST 2003

bert_gunter at merck.com wrote:
> Folks:
> Winnt; R1.7.0 (freshly installed) running under Rgui.exe.,MDI=yes.
> The following is repeatable:
> On startup, in my Rprofile.site file, I use winMenuAdd() etc. to install
> some user menus. However, they do not appear when R GUI window opens. If I
> minimize and restore the window, the added menus now are present.

Confirmed. Some GUI redrawing events have been cleaned up (I'm quite 
sure I have read about it) -- probably one too much.
Duncan and/or Brian surely know where to fix that (comparing with the 
R-1.6.2 sources will give a hint, if you are going to debug yourself).

Uwe Ligges

> The exact same procedure under 1.6.2 with exactly the same Rprofile.site and
> Rconsole files works fine.
> Have fun.
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