[Rd] Suggestion to modify "Writing R Extensions"

Henrik Bengtsson hb at maths.lth.se
Sun Apr 27 19:44:43 MEST 2003

In "Writing R Extensions" (1.7.0 (2003-04-16). ISBN 3-901167-54-4) under
the section "Writing R help files" and the subsection "Cross-references"
the usage of \link is currently a little bit unclear:

"There are optional arguments specified as \link[pkg]{foo} and
\link[pkg:bar]{foo} to link to the package pkg with topic (file?) foo
and bar respectively."

I suggest the following update:

"There are optional  arguments specified as \link[pkg]{label} and
\link[pkg:name]{label} to make a link to the help document for name in
package pkg where the link will get the label 'label', e.g.

I tried to avoid using 'topic' because that is used in the description
of \alias{topic} and that is not what is linked to. 'name' is better
since \name{name} is what defines the name of the help document (and is
the base for the name of the files generated).


Henrik Bengtsson

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