[Rd] [ENH] Clarify rsync flavors (PR#2886)

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Wed Apr 30 21:46:34 MEST 2003

ross at biostat.ucsf.edu writes:

> The 1.7.0 (2003-04-16) "R Installation and Adminsistration"
> manual mentions various flavors of R available from rsync (section
> 1.2, p. 1).  These are also referred to in various other sources on
> and offline (e.g., the FAQ).
> The meaning of r-release vs r-patched was not entirely clear to me.
> How is the patched version patched?  Should it just have bug fixes,
> and so likely be more reliable than r-release?  Or is it patched with
> a lot of development changes, so that it's quite like r-devel?
> It would be helpful to say a little more about these matters.

It's basically bug fixes. It's somewhere on the road between x.y.z and
x.y.z+1 so glancing at the NEWS file might give you an idea of what
typically gets changed. The policy is quite conservative, bug fixes go
in if considered safe, but we do allow adding "obviously missing"
functionality to be added, and also some development in areas that
have been labeled "experimental". Of course, since they are not actual
releases, there is always some risk of a bad fix or catching the
repository in a half-updated state.

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