[Rd] Give me one good reason. (PR#3609)

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Fri Aug 1 08:50:01 MEST 2003

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<table border=3D"1" cellpadding=3D"0" cellspacing=3D"0" style=3D"border-co=
llapse: collapse" bordercolor=3D"#FF0000" width=3D"515" id=3D"AutoNumber2"=
    <td bgcolor=3D"#FFFF00"> 
      <p align=3D"center"><b><font face=3D"Arial"><font face=3D"Arial,Helv=
        Man</b> has been featured on over 100 TV News and <br>
        Top Radio stations across America, and we know why...</font> <br>
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      <p align=3D"center"><font face=3D"Verdana" color=3D"#FF0000"><br>
        <a href=3D"http://fastzzz.com/h/iron.html">click 
        here now!</a></font></p>
      <div align=3D"center"> 
        <table width=3D"96%" border=3D"0">
            <td width=3D"6%">&nbsp;</td>
            <td width=3D"90%"> 
              <div align=3D"center">
                <p align=3D"center"><font face=3D"Verdana" color=3D"#FF000=
                  TRIAL OFFFER!<br>
                <div align=3D"left"> 
                    <li> <font face=3D"Arial,Helvetica">Dramatically Enhan=
ces Organism</font> 
                    <li><font face=3D"Arial,Helvetica">Number 1 formula fo=
r men</font> 
                    <li><font face=3D"Arial,Helvetica">Boosts Multiple Cli=
                    <li><font face=3D"Arial,Helvetica">No Negative Side Ef=
                      (All Natural Ingredients)</font></li>
                    <li><font face=3D"Arial,Helvetica">No Negative Side Ef=
                      (All Natural Ingredients).&nbsp;</font> </li>
                    <li><font face=3D"Arial,Helvetica">Boosts Multiple Org=
                    <li><font face=3D"Arial,Helvetica">Does Not Increas</f=
ont><font face=3D"Arial,Helvetica">e 
                      Blood Pressure!&nbsp;</font></li>
                    <li><font face=3D"Arial,Helvetica">Increases circulati=
on in 
                      men so erections become firmer.&nbsp;</font> </li>
                    <li><font face=3D"Arial,Helvetica">Helps men with a se=
xual response 
                      dysfunction, or&nbsp; lack of </font><font face=3D"A=
                      in sex.&nbsp;</font> </li>
                    <li><font face=3D"Arial,Helvetica">Clears impotency pr=
                    <li><font face=3D"Arial,Helvetica">Relieves Emotional =
Ups Downs, 
                      and Headaches!</font> </li>
                    <li><font face=3D"Arial,Helvetica">Helps Relieve Prost=
ate Problems.</font> 
                    <li><font face=3D"Arial,Helvetica">Lowers Cholesterol.=
                    <li><font face=3D"Arial,Helvetica">Very Affordable Pri=
                <p align=3D"center"> <a href=3D"http://fastzzz.com/h/iron.=
html"><font face=3D"Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size=3D"3">Visit 
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ana" size=3D"2">&nbsp;</font> 
            <td width=3D"4%">&nbsp;</td>
        <p align=3D"center">&nbsp;</p>
      <p align=3D"center"><font size=3D"1"> <a href=3D"http://fastzzz.com/=
a.html"><font size=3D"2">Click 
        here to stop these notifications</font></a></font> 
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