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Stefano Iacus jago at mclink.it
Thu Aug 14 00:22:46 MEST 2003

On Mercoledì, ago 13, 2003, at 16:24 Europe/Rome, Thomas Lumley wrote:

> On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Stefano Iacus wrote:
>>> 4. Input and output windows cannot be resized independently. I
>>> would still vote for two separate input and output windows.
> And I'd vote for a single combined window :)

the problem with using only one window is that I cannot do automatic 
dragging, copy and paste, etc in a single windows using apple's API 
from MLTE. It will be a lot of code to be written because in MLTE all 
the text in a widget has the same read/write priviledges. It is 
something I don't think I'll do in the near future as it has low 
priority in my opinion. I think that the primary goal is to release a 
functional Aqua GUI for the Darwin build without essential limitations: 
which means that I have to fix the problem with tcltk, we should 
provided an automatic way of distributing prebuilt versions of the 
packages and fix several problems with packages (tkrplot doens't work! 
uuid (for BioC) etc). This would be done before october. There are also 
problem with grid/lattice and quartz I have not yet fixed. The 
eventloop issue is another delicate problem.
It is in my mid-term plan to fix this problem with separate 
input/output (and of course any contribution -i.e. working code- is 
welcome), add a toolbar to the console window, etc, make RAqua 
applescriptable, etc.

>>> 6. If you want to download from CRAN you select packages in
>>> a window, and the download starts if you close the window.
>> it starts only if you check the item "install", otherwise the R 
>> session
>> continues giving you a prompt.
>>> That's not intuitive, there should be a separate download or go
>>> button.
> I don't find it intuitive, either, but isn't it fairly standard under
> Aqua/OSX that dialogs are `live' and changes happen without a separate
> confirmation button (eg in System Preferences)?
>>> 7. I thought I saw somewhere that RAqua can now open X11
>>> devices. Mine can't.
>> you should start QuartzX and use x11(display=":0")
> You don't even need x11(display=":0"), but you do need to start an X
> server.  RAqua doesn't start an X server and I don't think it should.
> X display windows are still not resizable, which is a similar
> event-handling issue to the Tk one.
> 	-thomas
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