[Rd] quartz device

Stefano Iacus jago at mclink.it
Thu Aug 14 00:37:04 MEST 2003

I'm planning to move quartz device outside src/unix and put it in the 
aqua module.
This will imply that it won't be possible to use it without loading the 
aqua module (which is true in any case at the moment)
In any case as the quartz device requires event handling for resizing, 
moving the window etc, the aqua module is something needed.
Another reason for doing that is that I'm almost convinced about 
rewriting the event loop my self instead of usin g  the couple 
The event loop will not necessarily require to open the Aqua console, 
so the aqua module can be loaded from the command line version of R and 
use quartz, the package manager interface etc. Of course there will be 
no menus for that.


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