[Rd] missing permissions in reference manual copyright page (PR#3528)

Brian Gough bjg at network-theory.co.uk
Tue Aug 19 13:52:50 MEST 2003

Duncan Murdoch writes:
 > Several weeks ago you posted about the missing permissions in the R
 > reference manual, and asked whether the manual is freely
 > distributable.  You didn't get a reply, I think because everyone is
 > travelling so much this summer.
 > The answer is yes, the manual is covered under the same GPL as the
 > rest of R.  I've added the paragraphs to the reference manual source
 > in the patch version of 1.7.1; they should migrate to 1.8.0 as well.

Thanks for the reply.  I will try to get my proof-reading patches
submitted in time for 1.8.0.

best regards,

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