[Rd] make check fails 1.7.1 with R-release patch in regression tests (PR#3868)

khendricks at ivey.uwo.ca khendricks at ivey.uwo.ca
Thu Aug 21 16:22:17 MEST 2003

Full_Name: Kevin B. Hendricks
Version: 1.7.1 patched with R-release.diff
OS: Linux x86-64
Submission from: (NULL) (


Built from R-1.7.1 source with R-release.diff patch attached on a 
RedHat 9 system for Linux x86-64 (dual Opteron system) runing in 64 bit mode.

Build completes fine.  But "make check" fails (R is killed because
during reg-tests-1.R.   I have verified that the R-Release.diff patch has been
and the changes to the stopping critieria in that file have been made. 

My x86_64 machine has over 2 gig of main memory. 

Is the stopping cirtieria a function of the size of the machine registers in

All other tests seem to pass with no problems.  I have reproduced this error
with and without optimized "atlas" libs in the build and even with -O0 (to
remove possiblility of compiler optimization error).

I am stumped on how to proceed.  Obviously the stopping criteria for some method
is never being
reached resulting in the out of memory condition.

Any hints on how to track this down further appreciated.  All altas tests run
and pass with flying colors (if that helps).



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