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Mangia a colori II! 

Keywords Population, health promotion/Public Theories, Methods & Perspectives

An initiative of health-promotion to the expansion of the "instruments" able
to assure the control to the population on their own level of health, to
improve it through activity that partly concern to the sanitary system and
partly to other sectors, with the use of internal and external energies and
the sanitary system: health, voluntary service, family, school and enterprises
that have to cooperate in a net of mutual exchange and responsibility. 

The WHO (Worl Health Organizition) has individualized in the promotion of
the health the winning strategy to cope with the actual epidemiological conditions,
that see to prevail as cause of death and the degenerative chronic illnesses,
the tumors, and with finally, the road accidents.

During these last 30 years a lot of our habits are changed: more comforts!
We have learned to eat more, as consequence of the great quantity of food
and medicines! 
We have learned to prefer softer foods, that do not tire the mastication,
meats and dairy products, in spite of fruit and vegetables! We feel like
wanting everything and immediately; we have learned to be outside, also for
to eat! We have learned to use more always the television and the video games
and to have fun being comfortably sat; we have learned to use the gyms, instead
 of sport to open air! We have learned to move with the bus, the car, the
moped, the lift, the mobile staircases: "we have learned to leaven! " The
women in particular have reached and perhaps overcome the men in smoking!
We have learned to do alone in the diet, in the sport, or to follow the suggestions
of the neighbours or friends; we have increased the mistrust in the sanitary

Beyond the industrial and technological progress, in all of this, the Media
plays a conclusive role: every day and more we are always object of advertising
promotions that invite to the consumption of food, of medicines, of alcohol,
etc, that in a hidden way stimulate and force the spectator to buy, everything
because it is good, well, it give you the opportunity to have fun....!

If we want to say with an only word, what it seems to spring more and more
from the large majority of the advertising , we could say: "It swallows!Gulps
On one side food, because it is good, appetizing, juicy; compressed, from
the other, because it seems that can reduce the caloric contribution of the
dishes and accordingly to allow to eat more, satisfy all the desires! "It
swallows;Gulps down! " 
Let's let each other drive from the truths, not from the illusions! 
Mangia a colori wants to give awareness to our eyes, to our senses, to our
way of being, to the healthy way of living in harmony with ourselves. 

On these bases are been individualized some formative actions that we could
expose through of the lecture: 

? To travel in the foods. Shows of typical alimentary products, biological,
fruit and vegetables from the whole world supported from poster and from
nutritionists to the visitors' disposition. 
? Didactic laboratories.
? Meetings to theme for all the ages to:
? A)know and to taste the foods;
? B)decode the advertising messages;
? C)spread food safety;
? Mangia a colori! - Meetings of tasting and courses of gastronomy, in the
search of balance between taste and lightness in collaboration with the Laboratory
of Nonn?. 
? Poster of sensitization on motor activity in the various ages of the life

 Theatrical Laboratory and other... 

If you are interested in our action, we could organize a small group of job
able to give ample demonstration of the activities that we organize. 
They will belong to the group of job at least the following figures: 
? a responsible of project;
? a psychologist;
? one/two nutritionists, 
? one/two cooks; 
? one/two teachers of motor activity;
? an expert of the experimental center for health promotion, University of
? two collaborators of logistics, if you decide to give us your hospitality.

To support of the actions of which above, if you would offer hospitality,
it will be subsequently sent detailed logistics of reference and copy of
the texts of the poster. 

Information: Dr.Giuesppe Cistaro (Responsible of the Service Nutrition ASL
n.1 Citt? di Castello) 
Tel 3484769033 faxes 0758509392 e-mails mangiaacolori at virgilio.it
                                        gcistaro at yhaoo.it

The scientific bases of my work are in the seven countries study by Keys
et al( 1.Seven Countries: a multivariate analysis of death and coronary heart
disease. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1980; 2.The diet and 15-year
death rate in the Seven Countries Study, American Journal of Epidemiology,
124: 903-915, 1986).
Thanks to the study I found the way to put the advices of the research into
? Mangia a colori? is an actual example of how it?s possible to put daily
advices about diet and life style into practice and to approach the people
by the involvement of cooks, alimentary factory and health promoters.

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