[Rd] Re: setClass question

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Mon Aug 25 08:50:52 MEST 2003


This seems to be related to a recent bug in the methods package. Try


and you will see that it is wrong, and most of the base generics are
being attributed to SparseM.  I understand the same bug is causing 
problems in undoc().


On Sun, 24 Aug 2003, Roger Koenker wrote:

> I have another S4 methods query -- this time about undocumented objects:
> I'm now getting the following warning from R CMD check SparseM:
> * checking for missing documentation entries ... WARNING
> Undocumented code objects:
>   %x% as.matrix diag diag<- diff t
> Undocumented S4 methods:
>   \S4method{coerce}{ANY,array} \S4method{coerce}{ANY,call}
>   \S4method{coerce}{ANY,character} \S4method{coerce}{ANY,complex}
>   \S4method{coerce}{ANY,environment} \S4method{coerce}{ANY,expression}
>   \S4method{coerce}{ANY,function} \S4method{coerce}{ANY,integer}
>   \S4method{coerce}{ANY,list} \S4method{coerce}{ANY,logical}
>   \S4method{coerce}{ANY,matrix} \S4method{coerce}{ANY,name}
>   \S4method{coerce}{ANY,numeric} \S4method{coerce}{ANY,single}
>   \S4method{coerce}{ANY,ts} \S4method{coerce}{ANY,vector}
>   \S4method{coerce}{ANY,NULL}
>   \S4method{coerce}{vector,matrix.diag.csr}
>   \S4method{diff}{matrix.csr} \S4method{initialize}{traceable}
>   \S4method{initialize}{signature} \S4method{initialize}{environment}
> A couple of these are directly related to the package, but the rest
> seem to be items that I wouldn't have thought that I should be responsible
> for documenting.  I'm wondering whether the coerce items are related to
> my earlier query.  Even supposing that they were due to some blunder
> of mine, I'm still puzzled by the initialize items which were present
> even before I began to mess with my new setClass strategy.  Again,
> many thanks for any suggestions.

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