[Rd] I.S. MailFirewall has detected a Virus in your message

pmaster at firestone.co.za pmaster at firestone.co.za
Tue Aug 26 14:35:34 MEST 2003

I.S. MailFirewall has stopped the following message:

   Message: BA00080fe6.00000001.mml
   From:    r-devel at r-project.org
   To:      shaunw at firestone.co.za
   Subject: Re: Thank you!

Because it believes the message contains a virus.
The virus scanning software used was: Sophos AntiVirus (SAVI2 Interface) 
Virus name: W32/Sobig-F

Please clean the file and resend it.

I.S. Mailfirewall Rule: Block Virus

For more information on email virus scanning, security and content 
management, visit Internet Solutions @ http://www.is.co.za

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