[Rd] We are looking for USA's waste paper 3#,11# supplier. Order quatity:2000tons/month. (PR#2516)

edwards@beelink.com edwards@beelink.com
Sat Feb 1 00:50:03 2003

Dear Sir

We are a leading importer of USA's waste paper from China. We have been importing
waste paper from USA and Canada in very large quantity.

Now we are looking for the supplier who can offer 2000 tons of USA's waste paper 
3#, 11# monthly. If you could offer this item pls kindly reply us and we will negotiate
with you further.

Any quick reply from your side will be appreciated by us highly.

Best regards

Edward Zhang

Hengxing Industry&Trading Co., Ltd.

Add. No.588, Jingqi Rd, Jinan, China
P.C. 250021
Tel +86-531-2903972 
Fax +86-531-2903962
Mobile Phone +86-531-6627662
E-Mail edwards@beelink.com
Homepage http://recycling-paper.ebigchina.com



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