[Rd] rcmd and directories (cwd; tmpdir) (PR#3429)

roy_kuraisa at merck.com roy_kuraisa at merck.com
Tue Jul 8 01:45:07 MEST 2003

rcmd requires a temporary directory identified by the value of the
environment variable "TMPDIR".  Unfortunately, if the directory name has a
space in it, rcmd errors out.  For example, the standard temporary file
"TMP" for xp is like:
c:\documents and settings\r_user\local settings\temp
If TMPDIR is defined via the Windows/XP "standard" way, i.e.,
set tmpdir=%USERPROFILE%\Temp
then rcmd errors out.  Of course if you set TMPDIR to a file without spaces,
all works well unless you cwd has spaces in it and then rcmd will error out
with a message like:
"Cannot cd to c:/Documents "
Since there are work arounds (albeit a bit of an inconvenience), I wouldn't
rate this very critical (but some documentation would be nice (at least I
didn't find it in readme.packages; windows faq; reference manual; etc.).
And, btw, for Windows/XP/2000 the default tmp directory is not c:/TEMP --
they changed it to be a function of the user profile (like noted above).

cheers, roy 

Roy Kuraisa 
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