[Rd] Problems Simulating (PR#3471)

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Sun Jul 13 11:31:32 MEST 2003

smiles at dept.econ.yorku.ca writes:

> [(0.23/365) - (0.14/365)]/0.0001351474 = 1.824 StDeviations above the mean.
> As you can see Most of the 20 sets had realized values about 2-3 StDeviations
> higher than the mean.
> Something is wrong.
> Thank you for considering this bug report.

This is not a bug report. It is a request for finding the bug or
logical error in your code. If you had had a real bug to report, you
should have investigated more carefully and boiled it down to a much
simpler example. In particular, it is not a good idea to require the
use of commercial software on one particular computing platform to
reproduce your results when the same operations could just as easily
have been done in R.

Your R version is getting a bit old, BTW. The pre-1.7.x random
number generators had problems, but not of this magnitude.

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