[Rd] calling R from C

Khamenia, Valery V.Khamenia at biovision-discovery.de
Mon Jul 21 12:11:58 MEST 2003

Hi All,

  We'd like to use functions provided in R in our application.
  Our application is written in C/C++ and currently runs on 
  win32, Linux and Mac. We'd be happy to attach the whole
  R ( i.e. not just transfer some function by hand).
  The important detail is that we deal with big amount of data, so
  "command line"-like invocations won't be very interesting.
  We'd like to link R's code statically or dynamically.

  Any comments and/or links to docs on subj would be 
  highly appreciated. (Especially comments on Mac)

  Thank you in advance.

P.S. If this message appears twice -- I'm sorry (first one
  was sent in default HTML format)

kind regards,
Valery A.Khamenya
Bioinformatics Department
BioVisioN AG, Hannover

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