[Rd] --max-mem-size (PR#3562)

slteng at stat.berkeley.edu slteng at stat.berkeley.edu
Sat Jul 26 03:53:35 MEST 2003

Full_Name: Melinda Teng
Version: 1.71
OS: Windows ME/ Unix
Submission from: (NULL) (


I had the following message that halted my program in both Windows ME and Unix
system :

   Error: cannot allocate vector of size 781250 Kb
   In addition: Warning message: 
   Reached total allocation of 247Mb: see help(memory.size) 

Action(s) taken :
1. Use --max-mem-size (on Windows) to increase the R allocation memory to
maximum, but I encountered the below message :

    > --max-mem-size
   Error in -max : Invalid argument to unary operator

2. > memory.size(max=TRUE)
   [1] 25714688
   > memory.size()
   [1] 19716928
   > memory.limit(size=NA)
   [1] 259465216
   > memory.limit()
   [1] 259465216

Would greatly appreciate any kind advice or resources.

Thank you very much.

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